Monday, June 20, 2011

Extremely Lax Couponing

Once upon a time a couple of Facebook friends posted about their couponing successes.  Inspired by their savings, I decided to give it a go.  I asked my husband to buy a Sunday paper so I could glean the coupon inserts.  I cut out a few coupons. ***The End.***

Ok, that wasn't exactly the end.  I did conduct a successful hunt for my old coupon organizer.  It still held usable coupons for diaper medicine from when my oldest (now 20) was born and a couple for Charleston Chews and Crunch & Munch from packages of Halloween candy bought in Kentucky in 1991 (just a guess).  This should've been a sign of things to come.  I transferred them to a new and cheerily striped organizer, tucking the newly clipped coupons in there as well.  I do like to be organized!  

My cousin mentioned that she found many of her coupons online, so I joined the Couponing Blondes (or whatever).  I printed out a coupon for Listerine and a Pyrex measuring cup.  I couldn't tell you where that mouthwash coupon ended up, but the measuring cup coupon expired ... last month, I think.  

Unless this family starts using a plethora of name brand products or decides to make freezer room for 5000 cartoons of ice cream or someone starts issuing coupons for produce at the farmer's market,  I don't see my coupon neglecting ways ever getting me to the ranks of "extreme" like those folks I've heard about on tv.  Then maybe I'm just inventing my own type:  Extremely Lax Couponing.   Still, as I have a growing teenage son, I'm not giving up completely. Save those granola coupons for me!