Sunday, February 7, 2010


I'll never claim to have all my ducks in a row or my priorities straight. I procrastinate. I am not very domestic, not very girlie. My life is not as organized as I'd like. And heaven help me, I actually LIKE my kids and put them before most all things, which surely qualifies me as nuts in today's world. It occurred to me after reading the Facebook posts by other less-enthralled mothers who were exasperated by all the snow days in January, that I may be the only mom in this state who likes being with her children. This is alarming and also worthy of a blog entry of its own. My children are my first priority, and I am okay with this. It's after that when things get a little less decisive.

Laundry, toenail polish, hair fretting, shoes, Jeffy, grocery shopping strategies, ceramic stovetop care, dream gardening, gluten anxiety, dental health, other family, breakfast, sleep, archaeological news, reading, breathing, and emptying the bagless vaccuum all swarm like vultures over my To Do list. They're a wild bunch that acknowledge no hierarchy. As you can see, my priorities are a mess.

Still, if I had to choose between teeth and a Coach purse, I am picking teeth. Thank you, fellow shopper lady, for calling that to my attention. I needed it!